Three reasons, why your home should have an altar:

March 22, 2014 in Blog


An altar is your sacred space, where you can meditate and contemplate.


It nourishes your whole house with positive energy and provides spiritual guidance for your family. It protects you and your loved ones. Remembering, that you are not alone on this planet and that there is a higher force guiding you can be very beneficial. And God, as well as your spiritual guides love it, when you ask them for help. Of course not everything you ask for will come true, but you can trust, that you will get everything you need.

I find it very helpful to have an altar at my house, because as soon as I sit down, I can very easily let go and dive into the sacred energy that this spot holds for me. Going inward is where I find guidance for myself and the day to come. Also before I go to bed, I let go of everything that happened during the day.

So here is what you do:

20110505-_DSC2260Find a quite spot in your house. Place two candles on either side of a little board or table, maybe you want to put a cloth on it, as well. Put a picture which represents God for you, (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, an OM Symbol or something similar) and place it on the table. The rule is: Keep it simple, it shouldn’t be distractive.  Now place some fresh flowers on the altar and you are ready to go!

Tip: Maybe you want to get yourself a comfortable meditation cushion to sit on, your buttocks will thank you! :-)