Connect to your true essence

As a shaman and energy healer, I connect you to your essence. Your essence is your true being, your place of happiness, that which connects you to the world around you. When you are connected to your essence, it is easier for you to listen to your inner voice and follow your heart.

It is our egos which keep us trapped in fear, afraid to step outside our comfort zones. True happiness comes from knowing that there are no boundaries and that you can achieve anything you want in life.

What is it that you really want? What is your purpose?

Work with me and find out. I will help you connect to your soul and embrace what your heart truly desires.

My path:

My uncle, who was an old-fashioned pharmacist and healer, taught me hands-on healing at a very young age and I have been practicing energy healing ever since. Throughout the years, I learned to trust my intuition more and more and it brought me all the way from Germany to Texas. I have discovered my true gift: helping you connect to your essence, your innermost being.

Over the last ten years, I have studied with various spiritual masters, shamans and healers all around the world and deepened my understanding of the universe. For me, God is Love. Love is what heals and love is what shows us the way. True leaders know how to lead with love, and I will lead you with love through the healing process.

As a German, I am straight forward. I don’t beat around the bush ;-).

This trait allows us get to the point quickly. I am a good listener and as we work, you will feel my tranquility and inner peace. I invite you to find your inner peace and start doing what makes you happy.


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Trainings and qualifications:

Maris mit Klangschalen

2003 Bachelor’s degree in Business, Germany

2005 TAO Massage Therapy, Spain

2005 The Path into Light, Germany

2006 Alpha Chi Consultant, incl. Alpha Chi Feng Shui, France

2007 Atlantis Crystal Healing, England

2009 Shamanic Healing, Germany

2010 Systemic Constellation Work, Germany

2013 Spiritual Teacher Training, Past Life Regressions USA