Are ready to live your passion?

I am here to help you wake up to your dream and realize what makes you happy. I know it seems hard to break old patterns, but it’s actually easier then you think. And you know what? It feels awesome to be alive.

I am calling out to your soul.

Can you imagine what it feels like to hear your inner voice again and have the certainty to listen to it? I will help you connect to your soul and embrace your true heart’s desire.

Your path can be challenging at times, as I know myself. However, what could be better than being yourself & doing what makes you happy? Live, live, live. 

Being from Germany, I am very straight forward, I don’t beat around the bush. ;-) This allows us get to the point quickly. Please note: If you wish to work with me, at some point you will be facing your fear. I will guide you through your own resistance of embodying the light that you are.


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Trainings and qualifications:

Maris mit Klangschalen

2003 Bachelor’s degree in Business, Germany

2005 TAO Massage Therapy, Spain

2005 The Path into Light, Germany

2006 Alpha Chi Consultant, incl. Alpha Chi Feng Shui, France

2007 Atlantis Crystal Healing, England

2009 Shamanic Healing, Germany

2010 Systemic Constellation Work, Germany

2013 Spiritual Teacher Training, Past Life Regressions USA


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