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Are you ready to unfold it?

I am here to help you wake up to your dream and realize what makes you happy. I know it seems hard to break old patterns, but it’s actually easier then you think. And you know what? It feels awesome to be alive.

As a shaman and energy healer, I connect you to your essence. Your essence is your true being, your place of happiness and connectedness with the world around you.

What would your life look like, if you where following your heart?

It is our ego which is keeping us caught in our fear to step outside our comfort zone. True happiness is when you know that there are no boundaries and that you can achieve everything you want to. But what do you really want? I will help you connect to your soul and embrace your true heart’s desire.


My path:

When I was six years old, my uncle thought me hands on healing and I have practiced energy healing since then. During all these years, I learned to trust my intuition which has brought me a long way to Texas, and discover the true gifts that I have to give.

Being from Germany, I am straight forward. I don’t beat around the bush. ;-)

This allows us get to the point quickly. I am a good listener and you will feel my calmness and inner peace, which reminds you that everything you are looking for is already within you, waiting to be discovered.


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Trainings and qualifications:

Maris mit Klangschalen

2003 Bachelor’s degree in Business, Germany

2005 TAO Massage Therapy, Spain

2005 The Path into Light, Germany

2006 Alpha Chi Consultant, incl. Alpha Chi Feng Shui, France

2007 Atlantis Crystal Healing, England

2009 Shamanic Healing, Germany

2010 Systemic Constellation Work, Germany

2013 Spiritual Teacher Training, Past Life Regressions USA