Explore your feminine power, and learn tools to deepen in intimacy with the
man you love.

Learn how you can truly relax and let yourself be taken care of.

When you’re both happy things feel really good, but more often than not, you question your relationship.

You’ve already invested so much, even a couple of decades, and deep down inside you know he’s a good man – your most trusted person.

You still feel attracted to him, but there’s something missing.

If only he could see you deeper, feel you deeper, know you, anticipate your needs.

You feel untouched. You know you’re made for more and life is short.

Something has to happen.

What you’re experiencing is felt by a large number of women who are with someone they love.

Relationships and communication are probably one of the most challenging things on the planet.

Or, as Yogi Bhajan says…

“Relationship is the highest form of yoga”

Let me help you make the shift in your relationship that you are longing for.

Together we will embark on a journey to your feminine leadership so you can act from a place of empowerment and both have a way to serve each other that is deeply fulfilling.

You are two complete individuals with
different needs and past experiences.

Have you ever heard about the book Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus?

Both of you were probably never taught the differences about men and women – just like most of us-, and how to effectively communicate .

I also know that you do have power in the situation and that from your actions alone, the entire relationship can shift, open up, and deepen into that passionate love affair you deeply desire.

Four years into my marriage I felt like something was missing and I was yearning for more – or someone else.

I wasn’t being touched the way I wanted to be touched.

I knew I was made for more, yet I couldn’t fully express myself in the ways I wanted to. I tried to communicate what I felt was wrong, but my husband didn’t know what to do or how to touch me deeper.

I questioned staying together many times, but with two children, it wasn’t an easy situation to leave. So I had to transform it from within and I did :-).

you can read more about my personal journey here

My deepest desire is to help you as a woman to experience a fulfilling relationship while making that deep connection with yourself.

We all know how much children suffer when parents aren’t happy together. In my experience separation is often not necessary. When your relationship is happy and fulfilling, you have enough time and creative energy to invest in your heart business and move it forward.

I know from my own experience, how trying to be a good mom is sometimes impossible, when you constantly struggle and feel overwhelmed in your relationship.

Work With Me

Let’s build a strong foundation that supports you.

The intimacy coaching I offer is very unique. It combines my own blood, sweat and tears combined with self-empowerment and energy healing.

I guide you through a spiritual process of owning your power, connecting to your natural flow and embodying your own feminine essence.

Your family, partner and children both rely on your leadership as an intuitive woman to guide them. This is the power of your feminine body. When you own and honour your power, the entire family, and especially your connection with your partner, transforms right before your eyes.

  • You’ll learn how to embody your femininity, step out of the masculine role of constant go und hustle, and allow yourself to be on the receiving end.
  • I will help you release childhood trauma, and show you how to meet your own needs and show up in the relationship already fulfilled.
  • You’ll learn how to communicate effectively, and set healthy boundaries to help your man navigate without telling him what to do.
  • And you’ll learn how to trust your own intuition and lead from a place of empowernment.

I invite you to a complimentary call to find out…

…what the next step is in your relationship. During the call, we’ll both be able to get a feel for each other and see if we are a good fit to work together. You will have a much better idea of where to take things from here.

I offer a VIP coaching program that puts you on the fast track. Packages start at $3.997,-

Is coaching going to work if it’s just me, or do I have to involve my partner to get results?
Everything in your world starts with you.

In hundreds of coaching sessions I have seen that once you take a step, the other person has to make a move in some way.

That’s because everything is interconnected and often your partner is your best teacher.

When you become whole and resolve dependencies, you can create a whole new experience.

So yes, it’s enough if you take a step for now.

What if my partner is not on board?
Often men won’t move until they see that it’s worth the effort.

They want to see results.

So if you take action, start being happy and fulfilled, he will follow, in some way or another.

It’s important to be patient here, and let him take his steps in his own time.

What if I don’t want to open to my partner anymore?
Then I would ask you what the reason is. Is it because you have lost faith and trust in your partner, and feel hurt? Or is it because you simply don’t love him anymore and want to move on. If that’s the case there shouldn’t be any resentment but a clear inner knowing, that it’s time to go, for the sake of both of you. Otherwise it’s probably worth realizing your part in it, and deepen in the relationship.
If the marriage is on the brink of divorce, will this save it?
This really depends on what your answer was for the previous question and if you want to use this as an opportunity to grow and do the work.

Of course it seems easier to move on, but the patterns will most likely stay the same, even with a new spouse.

Most of us are trying to recreate what we have experienced as a child, whether it’d be good or bad.

It simply feels familiar and to us it feels like love.

So looking at these patterns and leaving them behind will be a total eye opener and help you make a more grounded decision.

What’s the difference between intimacy coaching and couples counseling?
Coaching focuses on the present and moving forward with coaches as facilitators. You will learn to better understand one another and discover solutions for your specific issues together. Coaches help couples move from where they are to where they want to be and recognize that each marriage is different. Coaches will not tell you what to do, but will help you figure out what will work best for you as a couple.

In counseling there is a counselor-client relationship that tends to assume a medical model where the counselor has the answers. It is mainly for couples who need more specialized help to address mental health issues, or other behaviors that are beyond coaching.

Coaching assumes that you are a healthy human being, capable of taking over responsibility for your words and actions, guiding you towards a more empowered and loving place of being, from which you can operate.

This in turn will have a positive effect on all areas of your life.

What if I am single?
When you are single, this is a great opportunity for you to heal and become whole, before you engage in relationship. You can make that deep, intimate connection with yourself first, without distraction.

Releasing childhood wounds, and past trauma (even from other life times) that often make you choose a certain type of partner, who will only trigger your pain, can help you make a better choice.

When you know your boundaries and expectations, and you are open and receptive, it’s easier to invite him or her into your life.

In intimacy coaching, we always start with you, – whether you are single or not – we help you open up to your own feelings, heal, set healthy boundaries and communicate your needs clearly.

Will intimacy coaching help me find a partner?
Yes, it can, most definitely.

Once you learn to take care of your own needs, know your boundaries and learn to effectively communicate from your heart, you attract a partner that meets you on that level and is more present with you.

Often times, we give the responsibility for our own happiness to our partner, which rarely ever works.

Intimacy coaching with Maris is so powerful, because it’s a combination of releasing old wounds and triggers (even birth trauma), which will help you feel more confident and grounded in your own being.

It will be easier for you to open up, and being receptive to the right partner from this place of wholeness.

“I feel more at ease, alive, and joyful. My partner and I meet in new, more fulfilling ways.”

“My problem was a well-worn sex life without true depth and joy. I was longing for more ease and aliveness with my long term intimate partner. Being sexually reserved, I retrieved more and more from my relationship. In Spite of years of self-inquiry and innerwork, I felt empty and disoriented.

Maris was able to grasp my essence immediately and came straight to the point. She helped me heal birth trauma and my broken relationship with my father. Step by step she guided me to heal my deepest pain. She was caring, loving and deeply compassionate, which helped me trust the process.

Today I feel whole and there is a deep sense of love and appreciation for my parents and myself. I was able to make peace with my story and I now have an idea of who I truly am. I feel more at ease, alive and joyful. My partner and I meet in new, more fulfilling ways.”

Leera Bots

“My partner told me that I have opened up to him, and he feels that I receive him more.”

I noticed that lately, we have a very nice atmosphere between us, like bliss.

My partner told me that I have opened up to him, and he feels that I receive him more. I feel like I am more soft and open to him.

Thank you for everything.

Nisira Louka

“It is so much easier for me now to voice my needs.”

Working with Maris brought me immense clarity regarding my relationship. It is so much easier for me now to voice my needs. I’m noticing the huge positive impact of her coaching and healing work. We are much more aware of how we interact, and communicate, which I am so grateful for!

My ability to feel myself -inside and outside- is growing.

I am so grateful for your work, for supporting me in opening up to myself, to me this is the key to my feminine power.

Schoka Kloos

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