Through relaxation, movement, and ritual

discover how you express as a woman and experience a deepening of your
relationship to yourself and your intimate partner.

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Wild Woman Circle

is a group feminine embodiment practice
that will help you…

  • Feel more enlivened and express yourself with more confidence and authenticity.
  • Sensitize your body again to feel more pleasure.
  • Become more attractive to yourself and your intimate partner.
  • Unfold your gifts, talents, and natural abilities.
  • Sharpen your instincts and be able to make quick, confident decisions.
  • Release trauma, grief and heartache.
  • Allow yourself to receive.

To experience deeper connection, we have to be willing to fully feel and express ourselves.

As women, we must come home to ourselves and trust our intuition. Our intuition is the gift of our female body. When we attune to our highly intuitive bodies, we know what’s right for us. 

Women are leaders, and our power comes from this truth and connectedness deep inside.

What does it look like to come back into our feminine Radiance?

Imagine being fully in your body, connected to your own natural rhythm.

I found answers in the work of Michaela Boehm and Wild Woman Circles™.

The Wild Woman is a part of each of us. She is connected to nature, to her own body, and trusts her intuition.

Each of us has that native, embodied wisdom—a wild, untamed, undomesticated body-mind and heart that knows what is true for us. But we are often disconnected from that source.

In our daily lives, as western women we’re forced to be in “go mode”, as Michaela calls it.

We work, focus, and cross things off the to-do list. Men thrive in this kind of energy, energy that resides above the shoulders and in the head.

But women’s power lies deep within our own bodies. There is so much strength, intuition, pleasure, and wisdom that are reawakened when you are deeply connected to her own body and moving as love and pleasure.

Your body is trying to speak to you. Do you hear it’s message?

We have all the answers within. With this feminine embodiment practice, you’ll learn how to go inward, listen to your body, and trust your own answers.

Feel free to express yourself.

In order to deepen intimacy…

Feminine practice is essential, because we have to rewire our nervous system in order to feel more pleasure, and we have to trust ourselves.

When I was on my journey of learning
about intimacy, I kept looking for my
husband to change.

I thought that all my problems would be solved if I could just help him become a better man. I giggle looking back at this. I judged him for not being in his “masculine presence”, but was I doing something to embody my feminine radiance?

When I realized that our relationship transformation could transform with me inviting his presence in, our intimacy really started to shift.

Jump on the waitlist, classes are resuming soon!

The classes are 2-hours long and contain 4 elements:

Connection and Check-in

Each Circle starts with a themed check in, which allows you to feel seen, heard and expressed. You’ll join a dedicated tribe of women who you can connect and practice with.


Embodiment is an invitation to “come back into the body.” It is the process of becoming alive to the signals our bodies perceive and send. You will engage in relaxation and movement exercises that sensitize and enliven your body.

Relational Engagement

Hold space for each other while you share your experience with your own engagement.


Engage in meaningful and potent ritual as a means to connect with yourself and others.

Is it a movement practice?

Participants will practice embodiment exercises to connect with their interior landscape. These are not physically demanding. Everyone can move as much as they feel comfortable to. Embodiment is not imposition of a certain movement, like yoga, it’s being present and sensitive to whatever is arising. All are welcome.

What will we do?
Each session will include relaxation and movement, guided connection times, embodiment practices, and a ritual. 
Can I attend, if I am single?
Yes, of course.

This is about making a deep connection to yourself, your own body and your feminine intuition.

Feminine embodiment is about feeling enlivened and at home in your own body, and engaging with life more fully.

Being single is a wonderful opportunity to focus on yourself and that sacred engagement with your own intuitive nature as a woman.

The more you can open up to live, to your own sensations and powerful expressions, the more receptive you become to a present man.

So this a wonderful opportunity for you also to attract a deeply conscious man.

How will it work online?

You will receive detailed instructions regarding zoom participation. We will utilize “breakout rooms” to enable connection and conversation between participants. In many ways the online version is even more powerful because you get to be in your home, your own sacred space and it’s easy for you to feel safe.

How often does it take place?
The Wild Woman Circle™ in english is every other week, alternating with Wild Woman Circles™ in german.
What technical requirements are there?

Please Download or update Zoom prior to connecting for class, we recommend giving yourself at least 15 minutes to do this if you’re doing it right before class, we don’t want you to miss anything. If you have technical questions about Zoom, here’s their support platform for help:

If you have trouble installing zoom, please reach out, so I can point you in the right direction.

Make sure you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early so we can start promptly and to account for any possible connection troubleshooting.

Make sure you have access to audio/sound

Participants have shared that they had the best results by either connecting speakers to their computers or using wireless in-ear headphones.

Here’s more about testing your audio on Zoom

Set up a quiet, private area for practice.

Have your yoga mat or something similar and a blanket ready for relaxation. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.

“The best thing about the Wild Woman Circle™ is the freedom and the space that are being offered to you for that powerful engagement with yourself.”

You can find your gentle and also wild expression, moving to different rhythm and peaces of music.

The music and the guided embodiment practice suggest to move in a different way than you are used to, against the rhythm, jagged, fast, slow, but always flowing in its own unique way. It reminded me of my childhood, and how much I loved moving, and by doing so bing totally connected with everything, especially with nature, feeling fully alive. Thank you so much Maris. 

Petra Sommerfeld

“I am amazed at how many blockages and stored emotions I encountered during just one session.”

The Wild Woman Circle™ is about being a woman, connected to all senses, being one with our body and all other aspects of our being. We can detect blockages and Trauma in our bodies that keep us from trusting our beautiful bodies. To feel, to enjoy our bodies and to use it as our most important ally for our lives. I am amazed at how many blockages and stored emotions I encountered during just one session. Such an amazing work you are doing with us, Maris! Simply divine! A gift that everyone can make to themselves.

Leera Bots

“You feel totally safe and taken care of.”

Maris opens up a beautiful space for clearing and healing for us women. You feel totally safe and taken care of. You can experience feminine embodiment as a way to heal blockages, trauma and old patterns by tracking your own sensations. It’s easy to participate from home and make all those beautiful experiences of connection and transformation, just like you would in person – even though my mind was doubting that this was possible.

Andrea Nixdorf

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