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Become Open & Receptive as an Intuitive Woman

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Come back into your body in 5 minutes

This simple feminine practise helps you get back to a relaxed, open state of flowing naturally.

Are you longing for deeper connection?
Have you thought more than once about breaking up with your spouse?
Is the constant struggle of staying or leaving affecting your health and business?
You want him to have your back and know in what ways to touch and open you?
Do you want to be able to truly relax with him?

Here’s how I can help:

1:1 Intimacy Coaching

Learn a completely new skill set on how to deeply connect with your partner, set healthy boundaries and feel seen & cherished.

Take a journey to feel yourself and prepare the ground for deeper connection and fulfillment with your partner.

Receive the tools you need to create a deeply nourishing intimacy – for both of you.

Wild Women’s Circles

Join a sacred circle of women to encounter your innate feminine wisdom.

Inspire and reconnect to your body, nature, and the beauty within and around you.

Release tension and become more open and receptive to the love of others and deepen the relationship with your own body.

Maris Severance

Intimacy Coach &
Spiritual Teacher

As an intuitive healer, I felt unseen, unheard and untouched by my partner for over a decade.

It seemed like we were a good match, but something was missing and it became more and more difficult for me to relax with him over the years.

It took me 15 years of intense study, working with experts from all around the globe, such as David Deida (Author of the way of the superior man), releasing trauma through spiritual work, while becoming a spiritual teacher myself and learning practices to deepen in my own body as a woman, so I could invite the intimacy that I was longing for.

Today I help women who struggle with their relationship, often having to take care of their kids and their business as well, establish a deeply nourishing relationship both – with themselves and with their partner.